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Bespoke Pull Up Bar and Parallel Bar Gym

Case Study : Ivan – Callisthenics Athlete and Personal Trainer in Kent

·        Product Purchased : Separate Pull Up Bar and Parallel Bars

·        Tallest Bar Height : 2.5m

·        Added Extras: None

·        Who is using : Adults / Calisthenics Athletes

·        Age : 18+

About the Customer

Ivan is a keen and accomplished calisthenics athlete and personal trainer.  After moving out of London to Canterbury he was frustrated with the lack of good quality calisthenics equipment in the local parks and the local area.  He approached the local council but had no luck in convincing them of the merits of installing calisthenics equipment. 

Designing the Perfect Outdoor Gym

This is where Xorbars came to his rescue.  Ivan contacted us and specifically wanted a standalone high Pull Up Bar and separate Parallel Bars for his training and for the development of calisthenics training videos which he and his team are working on. 

Under normal circumstances, we generally prefer that Pull Up Bars are NOT separate i.e. we like to attach multiple posts and bars for greater stability and maximum life span.  It is not a ‘must’ but our general advice is ‘the more posts and bars connected the stronger and longer the equipment will last’.  That said, we agreed with Ivan to put the posts 1 meter into the ground with a solid concrete base and footings in order to give the greatest support possible.   

Ivan chose our longest length bars to optimise his gym and opted for 3 x 6.5ft (2 meters) Bars.  This is the longest length of pull up bar in the Xorbars range.  He also opted for a high height of 2.5m from the ground.  As standard we put pull up bars in at 2.35m.

The Parallel Bars were installed at a height of 1.2m.   We often put a bar in between the posts of our parallel bars.  This is called our 16inch bar.  This can be added to the Parallels as a step-up bar for performing exercises like negative dips if needed and/or for children to use more easily.

On the Day of Installation 

​The location for Ivan’s Pull Up and Parallel Bars were in a back field a fair distance from the property. This vital information came through on our Pre-Installation Survey, it was pre-arranged that Water and Electricity would be run up to the site, so installation was straight forward.

Due to the exceptionally hot Summer the UK had experienced, the ground for all installations had been baked which made this Summer’s installs a challenge. On several installs our installer arrived the evening prior to install day to measure out and dig pilot holes and get water into the ground, this approach helped digging the footings the next day.

What Did the Customer Say About Us?

Another five-star review and very happy Xorbars customer !

Very good quality bars and a great service. I have used a few times in the past as have my friends. I would definitely use again. As a professional athlete I’m very pleased.

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Which garden gym is great for training and kids play…?


  • Case Study : Ben – Kent
  • Product Purchased : Bespoke Assault Gym with Pegboard
  • Tallest Bar Height : 2.35m
  •  Added Extras: Pegboard, Grab Hold / Foot Up, Rope
  • Who is using : Adults for training / Kids for playing
  • Age : 8+

About The Customer

Ben is a keen runner but wanted to add some at home resistance training to his exercise repertoire. He was also looking for something he and his three girls could use together. Xorbars has the ideal solution, in this Case Study we’ll go through all aspects of the Assault gym.

Designing For Training and Play

What’s a great gym to suit training and family play…? The Assault Gym is a great starting point for both of these. Ben ordered the Assault gym online and then got in touch to discuss adding some extras such as the addition of a Pegboard.

Can Pegboards be added to any gym? Yes, Pegboards add that next level of training to Xorbars and can replace a 5ft or 3.5ft Pull Up Bar or can be added on to any gym with an extra post.

On this Assault gym, we replaced a 5ft Pull Up Bar at one end of the gym to give another element of difficulty and skill to conquer, the length of the Pegboard then determines the length of the Pull Up Bar and Parallel Bars that run parallel on this gym. 

Xorbars Birch Pegboards come in 3.5ft or 5ft widths and provide years of calisthenics training to help you sculpt the perfect athletic body. We supply two Ash pegs to go with your Pegboard and upon installation it is treated with a wood preservative to keep protected from the elements. Pegs need to be stored indoors, in a dry environment and not left in the Pegboard outside, where they can swell.

What length are the Xorbars Monkey Bars? One set of Monkey Bars measures just over two metres and the great thing with the Assault Gym, it has two sets with a mini bar in the middle connecting them – this gives over four metres of hang time! 

The Assault is our largest Monkey Bar Gym and Monkey Bars were a must for the girls aged 8, 10 and 11. 

What height are Monkey Bars? The bars can be installed at a height of up to 2.35 metres which is a great height for the girls’ ages, providing a challenge for them but at a safe height for jumping down from. 

As with any of our Monkey Bar gyms , you will find that children will love to climb all over them, hang upside down and crawl along the top, amongst using the bars in the traditional way. Ben wanted a pull up bar to be able to train whilst the girls played on the monkey bar, so the Assault gym was perfect.

Did you know? The Assault Gym was used by Nike in their 2019 TV Advertising and uses 2 x monkey bars at different heights with a connecting bar for transitions. With 3 x pull up bars at varying heights and parallel bars, this garden gym is ideal for all the family or any calisthenics enthusiast. 

What else can i add to my Xorbars Gym? The girls wanted a set of Gymnastic rings which can go on either the pull up bar or the monkey bars (these are readily available from various online retailers). They are also great for dad too as there are a massive array of exercises that can incorporate into his training. 

Ropes Swings are a great addition to all our gyms too, Ben opted for our Premium Handmade Premium Rope Swing to hang from the Monkey Bars. This is made to measure by specialist craftsmen in Norfolk. 

Once your garden gym has been installed, our installer James confirms the length and then they get to work splicing together your rope and sending it directly to you. Because the ropes are made to your exact height requirements it means that you wont have lots of unsightly rope laying on the floor underneath the pull up bar – the maximum drop is 3 meters. There is a splice at the top of the rope (a bit like a noose) so all you have to do is throw the rope over the bar, thread it through the noose and pull.  You can also tie knots in as desired to make it easier for children to climb or leave it as is for a more challenging element on your garden gym. The rope will NOT damage the paintwork on your bars.

As above, Pegboards can be incorporated too, on this Assault gym we added in at one end of the gym to give an extra skill for the kids to learn and a real challenge for Ben to master. 

The Parallel Bars were installed at 1.2m which is the standard height, this allows plenty of height even for our taller customers to use for negative dips. 

On Installation Day

The gym was placed in an area of the garden that wasn’t currently used. It was tucked away close to trees and will have bark laid around the whole area, so it also acts as a great base for the kids.  Access for this gym was a dream with James being able to drive right onto the site of installation.

What Did the Customer Say About Us…?

Ben and the children were delighted with their new Assault Garden Gym and gave Xorbars a five-star review!


Excellent service. Design and installation is top quality. Very pleased

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Diy pull up bar installed in Coventry

We enjoyed installing this awesome diy pull up bar package in Coventry over the weekend.

  1. High pull up bar.
  2. Lower pull up bar.
  3. Back row or dip bar.

Plus the added swing made a nice touch for all the family to enjoy.

The installation of this diy pull up bar package took us around 6 hours to complete. That’s two of us working on it.  A video link of the diy pull up bar installation is shown below. Video: Xorbars time lapse pull up bar installation

If you have moderate DIY skills and a bit of patience then the only hard bit really is digging the holes.  You just have to keep slogging away until you are 3ft /900mm down.

But once you have done that then the rest is pretty straight forward and you will have a great outdoor pull up bar or outdoor multi gym all ready to go.

If you need any advice please contact us.

The Xorbars Team