Xorbars Installation

Installation Zone in the UK

Xorbars currently covers installation across central, south and east of the UK. We DO NOT cover central London. Please view the installation map to see exactly where we can offer installation.


How to Book and Installation

Once you have placed an order for a product we will contact you with an installation date. Please note that this can be up to 12 weeks from order due to high demand.

You will be asked to pay a DEPOSIT to secure your installation date. We strongly advise that you plan to be free the week of your planned installation date in case of bad weather.

The time taken to install your gym is dependant roughly on the number of posts in the gym:

1 DAY INSTALLATION = 1 to 6 posts     

2 DAY INSTALLATION = 7 to 11 posts

3 DAY INSTALLATION = 12 posts plus

Pre- Installation Survey

After placing an order you will be asked to complete the pre-installation survey as we DO NOT carry out site visits before installing your gym.


Alternative Option: DIY Gym Kits

Due to high demand our installation time period is oftern around 12 weeks.  If you would like to use a local landscaper or install the product yourself then please check out the following:

  • Just the Bars: We can ship Just the bars to all of the UK Mainland.
  • DIY Packages: We can ship bars and posts to most of the UK Mainland except for certain areas of the country which can be too costly to ship to. Details can be found in