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We are working on our FAQ’s to better help you with your DIY outdoor pull up bars. Many people often ask very similar questions so we hope you can find what you are looking for. If you have a question that is not show below then please contact us.

We have split the FAQ’s into categories so please scroll down to find the one that we hope has the answer to your question.

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All about our Pull Up Bars

What diameter are your Garden Pull Up Bars?

The thickness of our pull up bars are shown on each on the product pages.  However, generally speaking, the standard pull up bars are 33mm in diameter and the thick grip pull up bar is 48mm in diameter.

The Monkey bar is 48mm diameter down the sides with 33mm diameter bars to create the rungs of the ladder.

Are the outdoor pull up bars strength tested?

Yes. Our garden pull up bars are strength tested by an independent company to make sure they are suitable for adults and children.

Do the pull up bars come with all the fixings?

Yes, all pull up bars and parallel bars come with coach screws and washers included within the packaging.

Stainless Steel OR Powder Coated?

We provide two types materials for our pull up bars:

– Powder Coated (Forest Green)

These are what most people choose to install and what are featured on most of the images shown.  Powder Coating offers a extremely high quality coating suitable for outdoor weather conditions.  This is also how you get a lovely forest green colour to blend into your garden.

– Stainless Steel (Premium Metal)

Brushed Stainless Steel is used on high end appliances and is an extremely expensive material.  It is completely rust proof and looks fantastic if you want a sliver / contemporary look and feel.

They are currently only available in TWO of our best selling pull up bars. If you require a full multigym etc., in stainless then please contact us for a quote.

They both offer the same durability and suitability for calisthenics. So it now comes down to personal preference.

How strong are the pull up bars?

All of our pull up bars are extremely strong and durable. They are manufactured in the UK by one of the leading fabricators. All pull up bars are designed for maximum grip performance and are independently strength tested.

Are your garden pull up bars suitable for children?

Our standard pull up bars have a grip size of 33mm which means that they can be easily gripped by adults and children.

What is the best length of bar?

This all depends on personal preference and your exercise intentions. The varying sizes are predominately to offer a variety of prices depending on your budget, however all the bars can be used for pull ups or as parallel bars.

All about the Wooden Posts

4 Inch Posts or 5 Inch Posts?

We provide two types of post thickness.

– 4 Inch Posts / 100mm (Children)

100mm wooden posts are perfect for children from age 5 to 13. Having said that they are indeed suitable for adults (our installer has 4×4 posts in his garden) especially when used on a multigym which has lots of connecting posts.  See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lp8G9iGx2Gw of an adult using Xorbars on this post size.

– 5 Inch Posts / 125mm (Adults)

These posts are simply thicker and therefore provide a more strength important for any dynamic movements and more suitable for most adults and or if you have lots of children.

Note also that the wood in the ground (the bit that eventually rots) will last longer than 4×4 simply because there is more wood.

So it now comes down to personal preference and budget.

Both are pressure treated for ground contact.

How long will the posts last?

All of our posts are pressure treated and expected to last between 7 and 15 years. The reason there is such a variation in lifespan is because of several reasons:

  1. The treatment used change about 7 years ago, so across the industry only laboratory tests have actually been carried out.
  2. The posts will have much more stress applied during their lifetime compared to that of a fence post which has much less.
  3. Thicker posts like our 5×5 inch (125mm x 125mm) will naturally take longer to rot simply due there being more wood.
  4. Ground conditions vary considerably and naturaly affect the lifespan.
  5. Taking care of your posts with annual wood preserver will help the posts last longer.
  6. Posts can get infested with by external sources that pressure treating does not protect against.
Will the posts split or crack?

The simple answer to this is – Probably.

Timber is a living material and continues to contract and expand and do all sorts of wonderful things.  Because the posts are 12ft tall and taken from the center of a tree the are susceptible to spitting and cracking.

Most cracking happens in the summer months when water in the wood tries to escape faster than it can.  However in the winter months the cracks often narrow or even close completely.

This in 99% of cases is nothing to be concerned about.

More about cracking posts

A really good article about how and why posts crack and split can be found at: https://www.tuin.co.uk/blog/cracking-and-splitting-in-timber/

What can you do if this happens:

During annual maintenance you can use an external wood filler to fill the cracks.  Then sand any excess residue when dry and reapply a few coast of wood preserver.  We use decking oil as it is easy to apply and repels water extremely well.

Can I buy the pull up bar timber posts elsewhere?

Yes. You can get the posts and postcrete from most local DIY stores that’s why we sell the bars separately. However if its easier for you to simply order an outdoor pull up bar package then our aim is to make things as straightforward as possible for you.

All about our Installation Service

How high are the pull up bars?

We can install any of the standard products to a MAXIMUM height of: 2.7metres from the ground.  This is tall enough for someone of 6.5ft to hang from without their feet touching the ground.

Most pull up bars and monkey bars are installed at 2.4metres from the ground which is tall enough for most adults and suitable for children too.

Based on this, the MINIMUM height you can have the bars is therefore – ANY HEIGHT to suit you or your family.  We can also put the bars in at lower height so that in the future they can be moved up to suit any growing kids you may have climbing around.

Can Xorbars be installed onto concrete/paved area?

Unfortunately we only currently install our gyms into grass/soil/pea shingle etc.

We recommended ordering a DIY package and contacting a local builder/landscaper if you require a pull up bar installed into a concrete or paved area.

Our gyms are designed to be installed into the ground.

All about Delivery

How long does it take to get an outdoor pull up bar package delivered?

Our outdoor pull up bar packages come as part of 2 x deliveries. The pull up bar will be posted within 48hrs. The posts and postcrete will be scheduled in for delivery depending on your location. This is approximately 5 to 10 working days. Oak posts take slightly longer as they are freshly cut before being dispatched. Allow 10 to 14 working days.

Do you delivery outdoor pull up bars to Europe and America?

We often deliver outdoor pull up bars to different parts of the world. The postage price for 1 or 2 bars is around £40 for Europe and £60 for the USA. However, please contact us with the number of bars you would like and we will send you a quote.

Please note that we do not delivery posts and postscrete etc outside of the UK.

All about DIY Installation

Can I install the pull up bars myself?

Yes you can. If you have moderate DIY skills and someone to help you with the posts, then you can install a set of outdoor pull up bars within 2-4 hours. You can also give us a call beforehand if you would like any advice or guidance. Sometimes a friendly chat can give you the confidence you need to get the job done. For a guide to pull up bar installation please see the outdoor pull up bar installation page.

All about Insurance & Liability

Does your insurance (public liability) cover children?

Our public liability is covered by Aviva Insurance Plc. The insurance covers use by adults and children. We advise however that children should be supervised when using the pull up bars as play equipment.