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Diy pull up bar installed in Coventry

We enjoyed installing this awesome diy pull up bar package in Coventry over the weekend.

  1. High pull up bar.
  2. Lower pull up bar.
  3. Back row or dip bar.

Plus the added swing made a nice touch for all the family to enjoy.

The installation of this diy pull up bar package took us around 6 hours to complete. That’s two of us working on it.  A video link of the diy pull up bar installation is shown below. Video: Xorbars time lapse pull up bar installation

If you have moderate DIY skills and a bit of patience then the only hard bit really is digging the holes.  You just have to keep slogging away until you are 3ft /900mm down.

But once you have done that then the rest is pretty straight forward and you will have a great outdoor pull up bar or outdoor multi gym all ready to go.

If you need any advice please contact us.

The Xorbars Team