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Bespoke Pull Up Bar and Parallel Bar Gym

·        Case Study : Ivan – Callisthenics Athlete and Personal Trainer in Kent

·        Product Purchased : Separate Pull Up Bar and Parallel Bars

·        Tallest Bar Height : 2.5m

·        Added Extras: None

·        Who is using : Adults / Calisthenics Athletes

·        Age : 18+

About the Customer

Ivan is a keen and accomplished callisthenics athlete and personal trainer.  After moving out of London to Canterbury he was frustrated with the lack of good quality callisthenics equipment in the local parks and the local area.  He approached the local council but had no luck in convincing them of the merits of installing callisthenics equipment. 

Designing the Perfect Outdoor Gym

This is where Xorbars came to his rescue.  Ivan contacted us and specifically wanted a standalone high Pull Up Bar and separate Parallel Bars for his training and for the development of callisthenics training videos which he and his team are working on. 

Under normal circumstances, we generally prefer that Pull Up Bars are NOT separate i.e. we like to attached multiple posts and bars for greater stability and maximum life span.  It is not a ‘must’ but our general advice is ‘the more posts and bars connected the stronger and longer the equipment will last’.  That said, we agreed with Ivan to put the posts 1 meter into the ground with a solid concrete base and footings in order to give the greatest support possible.   

Ivan chose our longest length bars to optimise his gym and opted for 3 x 6.5ft (2 meters) Bars.  This is the longest length of pull up bar in the Xorbars range.  He also opted for a high height of 2.5m from the ground.  As standard we put pull up bars in at 2.35m.

The Parallel Bars were installed at a height of 1.2m.   We often put a bar in between the posts of our parallel bars.  This is called our 16inch bar.  This can be added to the Parallels as a step-up bar for performing exercises like negative dips if needed and/or for children to use more easily.

On the Day of Installation 

​The location for Ivan’s Pull Up and Parallel Bars were in a back field a fair distance from the property. This vital information came through on our Pre-Installation Survey,  it was pre-arranged that Water and Electricity would be run up to the site so installation was straight forward.

Due to the exceptionally hot Summer the UK had experienced, the ground for all installations had been baked which made this Summer’s installs a challenge. On several installs our installer arrived the evening prior to install day to measure out and dig pilot holes and get water into the ground, this approach helped digging the footings the next day.

What Did the Customer Say About Us?

Another five-star review and very happy Xorbars customer !


Very good quality bars and a great service. I have used a few times in the past as have my friends. I would definitely use again. As a professional athlete I’m very pleased.