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Case Study: Odysseus Platform Gym for Adventure & Play

  • Product Purchased : Odysseus Platform Gym
  • Tallest Bar Height : 2.4m
  • Added Extras : Pegboard, TRX Bracket, 4 x Ladder bars for accessing Monkey Bars, Boxing Bag Bracket, Foot Up/Grab Bars… this gym really does have all the bells and whistles
  • Who is using : Adults and children (recreational fun and family exercise)
  • Age : 4+
  • Customer Case Study : Chris – Staffordshire

Synopsis – The following post is by Project Manager Amy. It takes a look into all the options for a Platform Gym.

What Gym Design was our Customer Looking for?

Chris initially emailed and got in touch with Xorbars because he was just outside our usual installation zone.  He had already been researching our family friendly Zeus and Odysseus Platform gyms and thought they would be the perfect addition to his garden.  On this occasion due to the property / garden’s great access and only being a stone’s throw outside an installation zone, our installer James was willing to go the extra mile. 

With an initial design in mind, we got to work with sketching out various options, discussing what were essentials for this family’s Xorbars’s gym.  A Pegboard was on the wish list which was easily incorporated in place of a 5ft bar.  This adds a next level of difficulty to exercise and an addictive skill, great to keep the kids and adults coming back for another go! 

Xorbars Odysseus design was confirmed; one of our largest gyms, this really does have it all… a Monkey Bar section – a kids favourite pastime, a 5ft square hand cut Platform – great for den building underneath and hanging out, this sits at a height of 1.5 metres but can be lowered or lifted, parallel bars for a dip station – or for children to hang upside down, a winner in our house! and also, two 6.5ft pull up bars for the adults to really get to grips with. 

With our Odysseus gym being a large twelve post set up, we were also able to incorporate a Boxing Bag Bracket, a TRX bracket, Foot Up/Grab Hold bar for accessing the Pegboard and a second set of ladders for accessing the platform too. 

In The Future… 

The customer is also interested in adding a swing to the Monkey Bars / Pull Up Bars.  But the additions don’t stop there… This layout also goes hand in hand with the more restful addition of a Hammock, easily added to the Pull Up bars or even a Slide can be added to the platform which will keep the kids entertained for hours.

There is something to keep the whole family busy!

Three Day Build… in the rain.

Access to the site of the Gym wasn’t an issue at all with a huge private driveway leading up to the open plan garden with the site for the Odysseus being only 20 yards from the parking area.  Unloading the van and setting all materials out was simple and straight forward, water easily accessible which makes installing much easier. 

We ask a lot of questions in our Pre Installation survey’s due to not be able to visit the property prior to installation, we like to determine an straight forward plan of action and ensure we have got everything covered.  To have an area to disperse soil within a reasonable distance for our installers, makes building your Xorbars much more straight forward and knowing all the information ahead of time.

After a quick chat about the gym’s location, installer James got to work measuring out and digging the holes for the posts.  The British weather wasn’t on our side for this installation, but it didn’t dampen the fantastic Odysseus Platform Gym . Incase you were wondering… The cute dog did not help James with this installation.

And the end result…?

Adventure, Play and Exercise all in one place – Designed to combine all the benefits of our calisthenic gyms with the fun of both playing and Parkour (Jumping). There is plenty of room for adults and children to play, jump off and create.

Please get in touch if you would like my help designing your outdoor garden gym.