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1 x Garden Pull Up Bar Package
July 10, 2015
3 x Pull Up Bars
July 10, 2015
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2 x Pull Up Bars


You might think that all you need is one pull up bar.  Well with this package you can either have a second lower pull up bar for practicing muscle ups or for use by a younger/shorter person, or consider having a low back row bar for Australian pull ups – great for supersetting if you want maximum strength gains.


Please check out the photos to see how customers have configured the pull up bars in various ways.

Package: 2 x Pull Up Bars of varying heights

1 x 5ft Pull Up Bar in Forest Green
1 x 3.5ft Pull Up Bar in Forest Green
8 x Coach Screws & Washers
2 x 12ft Tanalised Pine Posts
1 x 8ft Tanalised Pine Posts
9 x Bags of Stone Based Postcrete

Manufactured in the UK.



Do not compromise on quality!

Do not compromise on the quality of outdoor pull up bars. Xorbars powder coated finish will make sure your pull up bars stay resistant to the outdoor climate. All pull up bars are strength tested by an independent company and Xorbars Ltd has £5m Public Liability cover. Our insurance covers installation for residential use and for use in schools and parks.

Pull Up Bar Specification

  • Weight Capacity: 200kg
  • Paint Finish: Powder Coated Weather Resistant
  • Grip Size: 33mm Diameter
  • Bar Lengths: 3.5ft & 5ft
  • Fixings: 4 x Coach Screws & Washers with Each Bar
  • Colour: Forest Green

Post Specification

  • Full Lengths: 12ft & 8ft
  • Footing Depth: 3ft*
  • Post Material: Tanalised Pine
  • Post Thickness: Standard 4×4 inches (100mm) or Premium 5×5 inches (125mm)

*See pull up bar installation instructions


  • Delivery and Installation of packages is for ENGLAND only.  For Scotland or Wales please contact us.
  • Delivery of Bars and Accessories: 24hrs to 48hrs (Mon-Fri)
  • Delivery of Posts & Postcrete: 7 to 10 working days

Customer Video

The video below shows this package in action.

Thank you for choosing Xorbars.