Adjustable Pull Up Bar Bracket

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The Xorbars  Adjustable Pull Up Bar Bracket is designed to offer you the option to install a bar to a specific size SHORTER than 6.5ft with no loss of strength and no movement in the bar. The images shows the adjustable pull up bar used as a back row bar to minimize how far it infringes into the flowerbed.

Purchase ANY one of the green powder coated bars and using a hack saw CUT one end of the bar to the desired length.  Then insert the cut end of the pull up bar into the bracket. The bracket ensures that there is NO LOSS to strength or stability.

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Purchase this ALONG WITH any of the Green Powder Coasted Bars to create your own unique size of pull up bar. The Xorbars Adjustable Bracket is sold as an individual product designed to be used with any of the GREEN powder coated bars – 3.5ft / 5ft / 6ft and 6.5ft (Not Thick Grip Bar)

Our range of garden pull up bars are designed specifically for building Adult (and children’s) garden outdoor gyms to the highest professional standard. All of the bars are a made as a single piece of welded metal, making them easy to install and incredibly strong. We use laser cut end plates with rounded corners for increased safety.

Our forest green powder coated pull up bars look amazing and blend perfectly into your garden. All of our products can handle kipping muscle ups, weighted pull ups, toes to bar and gymnastic moves.

Our powder coated green bars offer a perfect grip size (33mm) for Adults and Children and is the same diameter as used by professional athletes and in calisthenics competitions. All pull up bars are suitable for all ages and designed for amateur and professional calisthenics, bodyweight, crossfit and gymnastic training.

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Green Bars (Powdercoated) 

  • All Fixings Included: Galvanized Coach Screw & Washers
  • Bar Grip Size: 33.7mm Diameter (Ideal for 5 years to Adult)
  • Monkey Bar Grip Size:
    • Diameter of the Rungs are 33.7 mm
    • Diameter of the Sides are 48mm (Great for thick grip pull up’s)
  • Colour: Forest Green
  • Independent Weight Tested: 300kg (Lolo Standards)
  • Metal Type: S355 High Tensile British Steel (Hollow Tube)
  • Laser Cut End Plates with Rounded Corners for Safety and a Great Look.
  • Powder Coated Steel to British Standard BS EN 1343-8:2005
  • Complies with manufacturing standards ISO 9001:2008
  • Paint Finish: Powder Coated Weather Resistant

Wooden Posts

  • Installed gyms use 5×5 (125mm) x 12ft long pressure treated posts (3.6m) as standard.
  • Olympic Range:  Some or all of the posts in our Olympic range are pressure treated 15ft long 6×6 (150mm x 150mm) thick.
  • All posts are made from Pine.
  • All bars can be put up to maximum height of 9.5ft / 2.7metres (on standard Gyms)
  • Posts and bars can be put in at any height on the day of installation to suit users from 4ft tall to 7ft tall.
  • All equipment is suitable for adults and children.
  • Posts are placed 3ft* into the ground for greater stability.
  • We ALSO include Postsavers added to our treated posts free of charge.

Stainless Steel Bars (Currently Not Available)

  • Independent Weight Tested: 300kg (Lolo Standards)
  • Bar Grip Size: 38mm Diameter (Ideal for 8 years to Adult)
  • Monkey Bar Grip Size:
    • Diameter of the Monkey Bar Rungs are 38mm
    • Diameter of the Monkey Bar Sides are 51mm (Ideal for thick grip pull up’s)
  • Colour: Satin Sliver
  • Metal Type:  Stainless Steel (Hollow Tube)
  • Laser Cut End Plates with Rounded Corners for Safety and a Great Look.
  • Complies with manufacturing standards ISO 9001:2008
  • Stainless Steel Grade: 304 Brushed
  • All Fixings Included: Galvanized Coach Screw & Washers

Postsavers Used on All Installed Posts

Postsavers fitted to treated wood provides the ultimate in post protection against ground rot. They have been in use (in high volumes) for 24 years all over the world. They  are independently tested and proven to prevent both ground rot and inhibit termite attack. They are used by Network rail and other respected companies on all their posts (regardless of treatment classification).

Public Liability Insurance

Do not compromise on the quality of outdoor pull up bars. Xorbars is designed and manufactured in the UK. Xorbars Ltd has £5m Public Liability cover. Our insurance covers installation for residential use and for use in schools and parks. All pull up bars are strength tested by an independent company.

Our products are designed & installed to meet EN16630 product standards.

Postage Costs

We have tried to include most of the postage costs within the price of the bar that you see.  Click to the checkout page to see the final price for delivery.

Delivery of Just the Bars

Do not book in building contractors until you have received the bars.

  • We delivery just the bars to most places in ENGLAND, SCOTLAND & WALES. (Areas only covered by standard delivery provided by the couriers).
  • Orders are dispatched twice per week.  On Wednesday & Friday.
  • Delivery of bar is estimated at up to 7 working days days (Mon-Fri) after the order has been placed.
  • Larger orders can take 7 to 10 working days.
  • This is a signed for delivery. We CANNOT leave the bars without a signature*

Delivery of Bar Packages

  • These can take up to 6 weeks to delivery.

Important: We are a small company and keep stocks of all products.  However during busier times these delivery times can increase.

If we cannot deliver to your area for any reason, we will refund 100% of your payment.

*A signature on delivery is required.  If you are not in, the courier will try up to three times and/or leave a card.  Once you have the card then you can request the delivery company to leave the items in a safe place.

What You Need:

  • 10 to 12ft Pressure Treated Pine Posts  (100mm x 100mm minimum). We prefer to use 12ft long posts so that 3ft is in the ground.
  • 2 to 3 x Bags  Postcrete Per Post

The following PDF’s can be used as a guide.  Whether you are putting 2 posts or 10 posts in the ground essentially uses the same techniques.

PDF DIY Installation Downloads:

Pull Up Bars

Detailed instructions for installing Xorbars Garden Pull Up Bars

Multi Gym Pull Up Bars

Detailed instructions for installing Xorbars Garden Multigym.

Note: Can also be used for installing any gym with multiple posts.