Top 5 Pull Up Bar Exercise Videos

Top 5 Pull Up Bar Exercise Videos

There are many great exercise videos available to help you with your pull ups. And there are hundreds of different programs in which you can use to burn fat, get fit and develop a lean and toned body using pull ups and pull up bars.

Below are a selection of our top 5  favorite ones.

PULL UP EXERCISE VIDEO 1 – Beginners Pull Ups

DESCRIPTION: This is a great video for covering the basics of getting started with pull ups and developing your overall strength.

PULL UP EXERCISE VIDEO 2 – Pull Up Routines for Fat Loss

DESCRIPTION: This takes a while to get going but this is a fantastic way to get an awesome workout. As a variation, try 1 x burpee plus 1 x pull up.  Then each week add one more so 2 x burpees followed by 2 x pull ups until you can get to 10.

PULL UP EXERCISE VIDEO 3 – Pull Up Variations

DESCRIPTION: Nice video from PX90 Tony Horton on using a variety of pull ups including assisted band pull ups. Check out his breathing, that’s how much energy is used for pull ups and thus…how much fat you are burning.

PULL UP EXERCISE VIDEO 4 – The Pull Up Pull Over

DESCRIPTION: Watch this pull over tutorial  carefully as it offers some really great tips for adding this all over exercise into your routine. The guy delivering the tutorial does a lot of it on a high bar.  Using a lower bar first is a great way to develop your skills.

PULL UP EXERCISE VIDEO 5 – Advanced Muscle Up Pull Ups

DESCRIPTION: This is a really nice and simple video that goes through ways in which you can take your pull ups to the next level and start working towards the ultimate pull up…the muscle up.