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Set of Pyramid Training Steps


This is an installed price only.  Price shown is the full price for installation.

Option 1: Fully installed package

Option 2: Add it to another package at the same time. 

Simplicity of design and style to complement any garden. This cool training tool will provide years of calisthenics training to help you sculpt the perfect athletic body – fun for the kids too.


Please check out the photos.

Package: Set of Pyramid Training Steps

7 x Wooden Steps (Sanded & Oiled)
6 x Bags of Stone Based Postcrete

Manufactured in the UK.

PRICE SHOWN IF FOR FULL INSTALLION (installation coverage)


Do not compromise on quality!

Do not compromise on the quality of outdoor exercise equipment.  Xorbars Ltd has £5m Public Liability cover. Our insurance covers installation for residential use and for use in schools and parks.

Training & Fun

Utilising our pyramid steps are a great way for kids to have fun and for adults to enhance their training.

  • Single Leg Step Ups
  • Bulgarian Lunges
  • Incline Press ups (feet on posts)
  • Single Arm Press Up Training (arm on post – higher post makes it easier)
  • Balance Training

Pyramid Specification

  • Sanded & Oiled
  • Post Material: Pressure Treated Pine
  • Post Thickness: Premium 5×5 inches (125mm)
  • Tallest post = 800mm
  • Smallest post = 500mm


  • This product is currently only available if installed by Xorbars.

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