• I had found exactly what I was looking for and within seconds I had convinced my wife that this investment would be beneficial for us all, not just the kids!

Customer Review: Nick Truter

I would not hesitate to recommend

I scoured the internet for anything related to setting up a garden gym for months with very little success until one day I discovered Xorbars. My quest was over; I had found exactly what I was looking for and within seconds I had convinced my wife that this investment would be beneficial for us all,  not just the kids! David at Xorbars was fantastic to deal with from start to finish, clearly outlining any installation requirements and how the whole process worked. His advice and knowledge of the product was second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend Xorbars to anyone wanting to get the most out of their garden and their life!

Published 16 February 2016

Customer Review: J.Boyde

Have been look for ages for outdoor pull up bars…

Whilst looking at how to make a pull up bar myself I can across Xorbars and well that was that, they sold exactly what I wanted. Originally I was only going to install a pull up bar but after speaking to Xorbars it ended up making more sense to go for the multigym – I’m big into calisthenics now and so pleased with everything. I installed the product myself (with the help of a few mates). The digging was a workout in itself.

Would highly recommend. So cool.

Published 07 January 2016

Customer Review: David S.

Excellent Product & Fantastic Customer Service

It was hard to find the right product for training at home, as nothing ever quite ticked all the boxes until I found Xorbars.

They have really thought about each exercise and the sort of bars needed for a full workout in your own garden.

The products are of an excellent quality and it was greta that they weren’t too intrusive for the rest of the family. By having wooden posts to support the bars really helped blend in the garden opposed to lots of metal, and you can then paint them to match your garden or even grow plants up the posts!

The bars themselves can be easily converted into something for all the family, whether it’s just by simply adding a garden swing. I understand that more accessories will be coming soon also….I love the idea of a punch bag hook!

Then to top off such a great product, the team that provides all the information and then install the product are fantastic. They provide so much advice and are very respectful when working in our garden. The cost for the overall package is very good, when you consider the amount of things you can do. I would certainly recommend installing it with the Xorbars team to ensure everything is spot on opposed to a DIY approach, well worth the money.

The best thing is you can so easily add to this, if your budget doesn’t allow the full package initially.

I would recommend this to anyone, so forget travelling to a gym and paying a membership, when you can train so easily at home!

Published 15 December 2015

Customer Review: Alexis L.

Top quality product and service. Looking forward to futures extensions to my current setup.

Great experience overall and looking forward to recommending Xorbars to family and friends!

There was a lot of back and forth communication between James and myself as I was figuring out which setup was best for me whilst also doing my due diligence to make sure there weren’t going to be any problems. James was extremely helpful and accommodating while all the boxes were ticked in terms of diligence.

The pull up and dip bars look fantastic and it’s so convenient being in my garden. No excuse not to work out now! I had the bars installed as an add on and this was done both professionally and efficiently. The only thing I had to do was make a couple of cups of coffee for James because it was so cold but other than that it was a very easy and simple on my part!

Published 25 November 2015